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H Swanson Gallery and Studio  -  Custom Paintings  -  Original Artwork



Custom - Do you desire a personal painting of a specific scene, loved one or special subject?


Artist Harry Swanson presents a simple satisfying answer for accomplishing personal painting requests. You may discuss your request directly with Harry, combining your thoughts with the artist's design approaches. This can include your own design needs as long as subject matter integrity and the artist's style and technique is retained.


There are three easy steps to a commissioning a custom painting.


Step 1 - Subject and concept


Write up a brief description of what you are looking for in a painting. Include any relevant drawings and photos you may have (which will be returned to you). Call or email us. These materials are reviewed and discussed with you in detail to determine the painting size, setting, style and media type (oil, watercolor, acrylic) before any work is done.


Step 2 - Design study


Design sketches are done and submitted to you for approval. This may include a small painting showing the basic style and colors. Design sketches are the artist's responsibility and are provided at no cost to you.


Step 3 - Final painting


The time needed to complete your painting is estimated based on the complexity of your request. Upon accepting the design, you will be asked to sign a commission contract describing all matters of the final painting. A fifty percent payment is due upon signing with the balance due when the painting is completed. Framing of the finished painting can be added to the agreement or you can have your painting framed by a local frame shop.


You are invited to ask questions during the entire process as your involvement shapes how your painting is crafted.




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H Swanson Gallery and Studio

7109 Westview Boulevard

Fairview, Tennessee USA

+1 (615) 266 2176

Timezone UTC -5:00


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