Bower Cup

On opening day in early May of 2003, Bangor East Little League awarded the first annual Bower Cup to Rotary for their first place finish the year before and then again in late July to Harleys for their victory in the championship game over ELCO. The Bower Cup reminds us all of the principles and ideals that Dave Bower brought to Little League on the eastside for so many years. Each year, although we have only one championship team, we hope all the players feel like winners!

Bower Cup Champions
2002 Rotary
2003 Harley
2004 Rotary
2005 Varneys
2006 Webber
2007 Miller
2008 Millers

2009 Rotary
2010 Webber

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Here is a letter from Carolyn Bower, Dave's widow after the first ceremony in May of 2003.

Dear Bill (Masters),

Now that the dust has settled from the end of the school year, I can finally write to you to tell you how much the Bower Cup ceremony, and all that went along with it, meant to my family. It was a major event in our lives, and was a truly happy day for all of us who were able to be there. So many times over that past year when we have gotten together, we have shared our sadness at losing Dave, but this event was pure joy. We all knew how much it would have meant to Dave, and we were all so proud to see him recognized in this way.

The cup sits on the piano while it is waiting for its official place, a symbol of the pride my children feel for their father. He coached all of them in many sports, and they have special memories of sharing this sports experience with him. We know, however, that Little League was closest to his heart because of his great love for baseball. He wanted everyone to love it, and he believed that East Side Little League was the best place for children to be introduced to baseball. He was thoughtful and careful about his coaching, and he wanted every child to have a good experience. He also liked to win, and understood the importance of that experience for beginning baseball players, but winning was always secondary for him. I remember one time when he came home after losing to a team that hadn't won yet that year, and he was pleased with the loss because those kids had gotten not only to win, but also to beat the unbeaten team. He loved his teams, but he was always aware of the Eastside Little League as a whole, and he felt responsible for all the children on all the teams.

He was a quiet person, but we were all aware of his philosophy on baseball for children, and we were proud of him as a coach. That is why this recognition means so much.

As I looked out from the skybox at the kids on the field on that sunny, windy day, I could almost feel his presence. John Woodcock said it so well - "It was a Dave Bower kind of day."

Thank you forgiving our family this very tangible memorial.

Carolyn Bower