Our Covenant
of the First Baptist Church of Keene
Why have we gathered here?
We are here to worship God and to witness to our faith.
What do we affirm as our Covenant toward God?
Knowing that God reconciles us in Jesus Christ and works among us through the Holy Spirit, we will place the will of God first in our lives and seek to serve God as God's way is revealed to us.
Minister: What is our Covenant concerning the Church?
People: We will express our common discipleship by public and private worship and study of the Scriptures. We will endeavor to make this congregation a vital part of the body of Christ through sacrificial giving of ourselves in time, in effort, and in money. If we separate ourselves from this congregation we will unite with another church where we can carry out the spirit of this Covenant.
Minister: What do we affirm as our Covenant concerning our mission?
People: Believing that the spirit and teaching of Christ are able to redeem the world, we will make it our task to proclaim and to embody the good news of God's forgiveness and bear witness to the power of that spirit by showing Christian love to all persons.
As we go our separate ways we will support one another and we will pray for strength from God to be faithful to this Covenant.