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Hi, I'm Jon Paradis. Welcome to my home on the web. It may be a little self-indulgent, but it seems everybody has a blog these days, and here you can find my contribution to the blogosphere. You'll also find quite a bit here about me and my family, my music, my suggestions for personal growth, and my dreams and endeavors. There's a lot of stuff here that I use every day and I hope you'll find it helpful, too. My web site is full of the things that inspire me. I hope you find something that inspires you. If you have any questions or would like to contact me about anything at all, feel free. Enjoy yourself, and thanks for stopping by.
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Recording Sessions - Clinton ME - TBA

I'm working on getting a few bills out of the way so I can move forward to a few sessions to record a couple of original songs. The first step, when I'm ready, will be to get together with some of the musicians to work out arrangements. Check back for details!
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