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Allow me to introduce you to the Green Mountain Net.
This net has been on the air since the mid 1950s.
It just may well be the longest running net in Amateur Radio.
Go here for some pictures of past Eyeball gatherings - GMN pictures


The Green Mountain Net, founded in the 1950s, is a group of mostly congenial Hams who meet on 3.933 MHz every day except Sunday. The net starts at 5 PM EST/EDT (21:00 or 22:00Z). The average number of check ins is between 15 -25 members. Although most of our members come from the New England states, any and all who can be heard are welcome, no matter where their QTH might be. We are a rag chew net whose purpose is to foster good fellowship and camaraderie amongst Radio Amateurs.

The Net Manager is N1HXC, Wayland Scott (Scotty). His address is POB 34 in Wardsboro, VT, 05355-0034. Along with his faithful sidekick, KA1TWV, the "Thousand Watt Voice" they run a tight ship.

The Net Secretary/Treasurer is K1KU, Darrel Daley. His address is POB 445 in Putney, VT, 05345-0445.

The very able newsletter publisher and brains behind all the goings on is KA1TWV, Elaine. Although there are no dues, donations are always welcome and appreciated. Checks made out to the Green Mountain Net can be mailed to the net Secretary/Treasurer:
Darrel Daley
POB 445
Putney, VT 05346

The following net controls are currently assigned:

Monday - K1KU, Darrel in Putney, VT (k1ku@myfairpoint.net)
Tuesday - WB1CEI, Ed in Sharon, CT
Wednesday - KA1SVF, Marge in Warren, VT (
Thursday - K1KS, Al in Lyndon Center, VT (aldilley@myfairpoint.net)
Friday - KA1TWV, Elaine in Wardsboro, VT (escott@sover.net)
Saturday - N1HXC, Scotty in Wardsboro, VT

The net holds an annual eyeball at the home of N1HXC & KA1TWV, in Wardsboro, VT.
It is always held on the Saturday after Labor Day in September.

A net certificate is available after you have completed 10 check ins.
Send the original or a copy of your log to the Net Manager along with $5.
KA1TWV, Elaine will forward you a beautiful certificate that is definitely worthy of space on the shack wall.


k1ku2.jpg (118010 bytes)
K1KU, Darrel - Monday night NCS

ka1twv-ka1svf.jpg (134987 bytes)

KA1TWV & KA1SVF - Elaine & Marge
Tuesday & Wednesday night Net Control Stations


 N1HXC.JPG (99744 bytes)
N1HXC, Scotty - Saturday night NCS
K1KS, Al (Thursday night NCS - N1RCO, Fred
Joan & Ed, WB1CEI - Tuesday night NCS


E-mail may be sent to: k1ku@myfairpoint.net