Double King Pede

Compiled by Aaron Hawley, January 2006

Double King Pede is a variation of the card game King Pedro (pronounced as "Peedro"). It is a trick-taking game like Hearts and Spades, but it is more like the well-known game commonly called Pitch. Double King Pede is known to be played in Central Vermont, but no where else.

The game is played with four people playing two against two. A 53-card deck is used consisting of a standard 52-card pack with a single Joker added. A game is typically played to 500 points. For each hand, players bid to name the trump suit to earn the kitty and to lead the first trick. Both teams earn points for the cards taken in tricks. A failure to reach a bid deducts the bid from the team's score.

The rank of cards is Ace (high) through 2 and the Joker ("Snoozer") is included as the lowest trump. The King, 9 ("Sancho") and 5 ("Pedro") cards of the same colored suit as trump are considered the "left" versions of the "right" trump cards. They are considered trump and ranked below their trump suit counterpart. For instance, the 5 of trump is the "right Pedro", while the 5 of the opposite suit is the "left Pedro" and is ranked just under the 5 of trump suit.

The points from tricks are counted as follows:

Each player is dealt 12 cards, leaving 5 remaining cards called the "kitty".

Players can bid up to 100 or pass. The auction continues around the table until three players pass. A player who passes cannot bid again.

The highest bidder announces trump and takes the kitty. Players discard until their hands count 6. Players cannot discard trump cards. A player with more than 6 trump cards must ask their partner if they can take a stated number of trump cards. The player answers with the number of cards their hand can take while avoiding having to discard trump cards in result. The player passes the agreed number of trump cards and the partner takes the cards into their hand and discards the same number. If a player is unable to pass their extra trump cards to their partner, then they must announce and show the discarded trump cards to the table.

With cards passed the bid winner leads the first trick. Players must follow suit, but can play trump when they are out cards in the suit led. The winner of the trick takes the cards and places them facedown and leads the next trick.

After the last trick, the points in tricks are scored starting with the bidding team. The deal shifts to the left.


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