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Concord, New Hampshire

Check out these incredible UFOs filmed in Santiago Chile
Could this be a sign of things to come?

I was born in 1968 and began experiencing paranormal activity such as UFOs and hauntings at the age of 4. I had my first UFO sighting in the northern suburbs of Chicago in 1986. The sighting lasted over 12 hours and was witnessed and reported by 1000s of people. After researching the subject for years with a skeptical mindset the truth would eventually come to me. As if acknowledging my awareness, events unfolded that could have no definition other than confirmation. These events happened not only to me but to those people I cared about and even some who questioned, humored or ridiculed me. After seeing truly incredible things, that could only be described as other-worldly, and having nothing to back it other than stories I began keeping an eye on the sky and a camera handy. Patience and persistence paid off. In 2003, I took my first of four videos I shot that year. In 2004, the sightings started happening almost nightly, What I observed now seemed to be coming closer. Most of these sightings happened literally in my back yard and lasted for quite some time. I would be a witness to over 50 events that would continue right up until the last days of December and are still happening to this day. I don't claim to have been aboard a UFO or seen an alien but for reasons unknown to me I have been fortunate enough to film UFOs on a regular basis. I think one reasons is to help slowly educate people that there is much more to the big picture than we have been led to believe. The closer we get to the truth, the harder the powers that be try to stop it. This, to me, is just more proof of visitation. Whatever or whoever they are, they more than likely have been here since the beginning of mankind.  The evidence is there for anyone willing to search for it. I don't know what their agenda is but have my theories based on years of research for those willing to listen. .
Remember this... the mind is like a parachute. If it is not open it doesn't work.

A special "Thanks!" to Larry Dicken and for their help getting this story to the public.

 After using Windows Movie Maker to look for a screen-shot  to represent video of a UFO I filmed on 6/21/04, I chose this single frame, from literally thousands.  A visitor to the site pointed out this alien face about two weeks after it was posted. Before then, I had no idea this anomaly was present.

The Alien Face
unedited frame grab

enhanced jpeg

This picture is from incredible footage taken in 2004 of a craft I filmed on multiple occasions in my back yard. This is also the same craft pictured above.


I filmed this fast moving cluster of UFOs during the middle of the day from an open window in my home in September of 2003.


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