Pam & Pete Boorum

Hand Tools for the Miniaturist

Magnetic Gluing Jigs


      3 x 5 gluing jig   

NEW 3" x 5" magnetic gluing jig is made of melomime with a 1/8" thick aluminum fence on two sides. Fence is 7/8" high for easy clamping . It has a galvanized steel bottom, and with 4 magnets included, $20.00


Small Scale Gluing jig

2" x 3" gluing jig made of hard plywood with a 1/8" thick aluminum fence on two sides. Fence is 1/2"" high for easy clamping. It has a galvanized steel bottom, and with 4 magnets included, $15.00  

 2x3 gluing jig

Large 6" x 9" Magnetic Gluing Jig

Many customers have requested a larger magnetic gluing jig. We now have one with the same specifications as the 3" x 5" jig. The 6" x 9" unit comes with 8 magnets instead of 4. $30.00

Glue jig 6x9

8 Extra Magnets



Drilling Tools

Drill Index, NO.61-80 sizes $15.00   Pin vise for hand drilling $8.00

Carbide Drills

Drills Carbide  $18.00

Our drill index is high speed steel. All 20 drills will fit in the pin vise which has four collets to provide a tight fit from a number 80 to a 1/8 inch drill size. 

               Pin vise small            Tip Drill
Micro Pin Vise, $6.50                           Tip Drill. $12.00

The Micro Pin Chuck is just right for making tiny holes in confined spaces and it also works well for pre-drilling hinges. It is best for use with sizes 70 to 80 drills. Tip drills are pin vises that contain an assortment of drills. Each tool contains numbers 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, & 74 drills, stored in the handle. Tip drills are only available in silver.



Clamping tools


Set of 4 pieces of 1/2 inch spring clamps_ $4.00


The small spring clamps are useful in all kinds of situations. The are light weight yet have enough clamping pressure to form a glue joint.


Holding tools



Jeweler's Ring Clamp_ $10.00       Hemostats,(Forceps)_ $6.00

The Ring Clamp allows you to work on small parts while holding an object that is comfortable in your hand. A wooden wedge holds the clamp together as the leather covered jaws hold the work. One end is straight and the other is rounded. This easy to use tool eliminates cramps in fingers when sanding or filing small parts of wood, metal or plastic.


Hemostats can be used to hold parts for painting, finishing, grinding, sanding and even sometimes as a clamp. They are available with straight and curved jaws. When grinding, these stainless steel tools withstand heat very well.



Tweezers_Regular $5.00, Specialty $8.00  Hinge Pin Setting Tweezer_$9.00

We carry straight, curved, blunt, pointed, self locking and slide locking tweezers. The fine pointed, precision tools are useful for detailed work . The stamp forceps have wide flat jaws. E-mail us for your individual tweezer needs.

We make the Hinge Pin Tweezers in our shop. Every unit we make is tested by picking up a tiny pin.  This tool also works with the tiny wiring pins.


Cutting Tools


Flush Cutting Nippers_$11.50

The nipper is the first tool we ever carried on the show table. It is indispensable for cutting nonferrous metal pins flush. We use them often to cut off hinge pins and brass wire. They can also be used to cut off plastic gates and small pieces of wood molding. Made by Xuron.


Needle Nose Pliers_$19.00    Hard Wire Cutters_$18.50

These needle nosed pliers are stamped out of the same SAE 1075 grade carbon steel that is used to make flexible putty knives. The points of the pliers will spring back to their original position and will not bend like forged pliers. The smooth points are accurate enough to pull a single hair out of a paint brush. A spring keeps the blades open on all the Xuron tools.

Cutting steel wire with nippers or sheet metal cutters nicks and destroys the blade. That is why Xuron designed these hard wire cutters, which even work on hardened piano wire without damaging the tool. Tool cuts non-ferrous wire also.


Shaping  Tools

Miter Trimmer

Miter Trimmer $10.00

Miter Box

Miter Box for Razor Saw  $15.00


Measuring Tools


Blade Square  $12.00

A square is an indispensable tool for assembly work . When holding work in hand and wishing to scribe a line the blade square is the most convenient.

Six" X 3/4" Stainless Steel Rule_$8.00

The machinists rule is stiff, not floppy, and fits well in your hand. It is graduate in eighths and sixteenths of an inch on one side and thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths of the other side. The matte finish is easy to read. Markings are etched and will not wear off.

Six Inch, Stainless Steel Depth Ruler_$4.00    Adjustable Depth and Angle Gauge_$12.00

The flexible six inch depth measuring ruler is very useful for making a series of multiple measurement or for checking depths.


The adjustable depth gauge is heavier and more positive than the ruler. It also allows setting angles as a protractor. Common angle lines are permanently etched on the cross member.


Filing Tools


   Needle file 12 pcs  Swiss pattern files  Needle file tiny

          12 pc Large Needle File Set    $18.00          6 pc Swiss Pattern File Set  $12.00       6 pc Tiny File Set $12.00

E-mail us with special file needs for special projects.


Glues & Applicators



Roo Glue for Metal & Plastic_ $5.00              Glue Syringe_$4.0          Roo Glue for Wood_$4.00

Glue Bottle

Glue Bottle with Fine Stainless Steel Spout and  Stopper   $6.00

We now have replaced difficult epoxy with Roo Glue for Metal in hinges and similar application. It is water soluble, odorless and dries clear. It dries quickly and has a long shelf life. 2 oz. bottle.

Roo for Wood is a clear white glue that has many properties similar to yellow wood glue without the color. It dries very quickly and is rigid without being brittle. 2 oz. bottle.

We use the Glue syringe for all our water soluble adhesives. It allows you to meter out just the right amount of glue. The cap helps keep the nozzle from drying out and plugging up.



                        Lens #5          Lens #7

                                           MagEyes_$40.00                                           #5 Mag Eyes Lens   $18.00                 #7Mag Eyes Lens   $18.00     


Preac Table Saw Tools     

Preac  Belt  $14.00.

Preac Blade  $15.00       Blade  Thickness of .028" , .032" and .064"  with 60 Teeth and .020" with 132 Teeth


Jeweler's Saws

Bench Pin                         Bench Pin with Clamp
Raised Bench Pin for Jeweler Sawing _ $10.00                2" C Clamp to Hold Bench Pin to a Table _$5.00

Saw Frame

Professional Jewelers 3"Saw Frames_ $15.00

Number 4/0 Jeweler Saw Blades_ $5.00/dozen


Other Tools

Our Own Lathe Turning Tools .. $12.00 each, $40.00 set of 4

Wooden Miter Box   $15.00

Protractor  $15.00


Smaller Than Life is also a distributor for:

Proxxon Table saws & Overhead shapers.  

Sherline lathes and milling machines
Taig Lathes and Lathe Duplicators