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Proxxon FET Saw

The Preac product line is no longer available.  We have just a few accessories left.  We continue to carry blades and belts and will assist owners with problems.

The Proxxon tilting arbor table saw  is now in our product line.   We are making jigs and fixtures for the Proxxon  saw and now use it in our classes.  So far,  the key to the transition is to be able to use the standard 2-1/4" x .028"  60 tooth Preac blade for smoothness of cut and a custom zero clearance insert to save small pieces from falling inside the table saw. We have made the adapter that is needed to convert the 5/8" hole to 10mm for the Proxxon and the zero clearance inserts.  Performance has been excellent.  We have these accessories in stock.

Most of the accessories that we used on the Preac are now available for the Proxxon.

Federal Work Table

Federal Work Table

This delicate table was intended for ladies to store their sewing projects while in process.  This one dates from about 1810 and is attributed to the Porthsmouth, NH region.  The slender turned legs and silk bag as well as the eight sided carcase and top are unusual chacteristics of this piece.  The price is $250.00.

Martha Washington Sewing Table

Martha Washington Sewing Table

This table has turned legs with a tapered, reeded lower section and seven-sided, barrel-shaped end compartments.  The top drawer has a spool holder and the middle drawer has a sliding tray for sewing supplies.  The price is $175.00

Sheraton Desk

Sheraton Desk    Sheraton Desk Open
This slant top cherry desk is small enough to be a lady's desk.  Made from quarter cherry, the hinges, drawers and supports all operate.  Pulls and knos are brass.  Finish is water stain and satin lacquer.
Price $175.00

Bonnet Chest                      

                             Bonnet Chest                            

Also called a chimney cabinet,

this functioned for storage before closets became standard. 

Oval Boxes

Oval Boxes                      Oval Boxes Stacked
Classic Shaker oval boxes range in size  from  1" to  7/16".   They feature shaped fingers and copper fasteners.  $25.00 each

Arm Chair

Rocking Chair
This is identifable as a Shaker style arm chair because of the distinctive finials at the top of the legs and the four back slats.


Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Painted and stained picture frames. 
The painted frame with die-cut mat is $5.50. 
The smaller painted frame without a mat is $4.00

Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel

This authentic great wheel or walking wheel was used to spin thread until well into the nineteenth century.  The wheel is rigged for spinning and the spindle is visible at the upper left. 


The Magnetic Gluing Jig is available in three sizes

The magnetic Gluing Jig has a galvanized steel bottom and two adjacent aluminum fences. The fences are square with the bottom and each other which makes it a good choice for accurately assembling furniture. This tool comes with  rectangular magnets to help line up assemblies. A pack of 8 extra magnets is available for $3.00.

6" x 9" Large Gluing jig
With 8 Magnets

6" x 9" glue jig

This size is perfect for large furniture and small structures.  The 1/8" aluminum fences stand over 3/4" above the table.  The base is made from dimensionally stable melamine coated hard particle board.  The metal plate is galvanized steel

3" x 5" Standard Gluing jig
With 4 Magnets

Our most popular size is best for most furniture.  The 1/8" aluminum fences stand over 3/4" above the table.  The base is made from dimensionally stable melomine coated hard particle board.  The metal plate is galvanized steel


2" x 3"Small Scale Gluing jig
With 4 Magnets

Use the smallest jig for smaller scale projects.  The base is made of  hard plywood with a 1/8" thick aluminum fence on two sides. Fence is 1/2"" high for easy clamping. It has a galvanized steel bottom, and with 4 magnets included.





1" Scale Woodworking Tools


Bevel Gage $12.00 Chisel $12.00 Jointer Plane $24.00 Back Saw $22.00 Panel Saw $22.00 Tri Square $12.00
Miter Box $6.00 Miter Box Set $25.00 Marking Gage $10.00 Coping Saw $15.00 Mallet $12.00


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