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NKP Thailand Gallery

East across the Mekong towards Thakhek, Laos



Nakhon Phanom, Thailand 1969 - 1973. USAF, stationed at RTAFB with 56th SOW and Task Force Alpha on two tours. Most of the 590 plus pictures available on this site were taken by me, of me or at the least with my Minolta SRT101 SLR camera.
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SSgt Alfred S. Blakey
USAF Sep 1967 - May 1972
20450 Intel Ops Spec
NKP 56 SOW  Jun 1969 - Jun 1970
NKP TFA        Dec 1970 - May 1972

The photos on this site are in eight groups, In no particular order they are NKP, NKP Temples, NKP Bars, R & R, NKP Smiles, NKP People, NKP Air Craft, and NKP RTAFB.
Clicking a thumbnail on a photo page takes you to 4shared.com for the full size image download. The site is opened in a new window/TAB. Just close the tab or new window to return to this site. A couple of the thumbnails will open a new window to a web site for information relative to the picture.
If you chose to browse the images on the 4Shared site directly please be aware they are in numerical order in that directory and therefore not "collected" by subject group as defined here. Also a maximum of 90 images is accessable in a 4Shared directory by my design.

People - 5 pages

Air Craft - 4 pages

RTAFB - 7 pages


I have a few Official USAF photos. 
Click Intel BDA images

The BDA page also has links to Volume 1 of the pilot and ground crew inspired cartoons and a ZIPed file of eight (8) pages [ jpg] from the register of those who received a copy of it and/or Volume 2. The ZIPed file contains 271 names and base of next assignment - 25 Feb 1970 thru 02 Jun 1970.

NKP - 10 pages

Temples - 5 pages

Bars - 4 pages

R and R - 4 pages

Smiles - 3 pages


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

If you are interested I have another Web Site on the PV Solar Panels I had installed on my home. Check it out!

NOTE: I am in the process of color correcting the complete set of my images on this site. I plan on replacing the files on the basis of 'most popular' first.

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NKP Thailand Gallery
Nakhon Phanom RTAFB Thailand

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