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aldactone tablet

Have you ever thought about taking female hormones? If you already are, then you know about the marvelous transformations they bring about. If not, be sure you obtain the real thing, none of that herbal stuff or someone else's birth control pills. We're talking estrogen, progesterone, and some testosterone blockers to make the first two more effective. It is smart to start on a low a dose and build up gradually as you see how your body reacts to the drugs. Don't worry, the changes are not instantaneous and most of them are reversible. What kinds of changes?
  • Breast Growth
  • Nipple and Aerola Enlargement
  • Body Fat Migration
  • Skin Softening
  • Body Hair Loss
  • Face Thinning
  • Change in Body Odor
  • Muscle Mass Reduction
  • Head Hair Growth and Thickening
  • Mood Shifts
  • Peace of Mind
  • Orgasm Shift

The extent of most of these changes depends on how much hormone you take and how often. Everyone's body is different so your experience may be different than someone else's on the same dose. However, we can provide some guidelines. Patience is the key. Trying to do too much too soon can be a recipe for disaster. Also, your own individual personal situation may well dictate how far you can/want to go. Perhaps all you want are subtle changes that will not negatively impact an on going relationship and lifestyle. Or, you may be seeking something more drastic that will be almost impossible to hide over time. Or perhaps something in between.

casodex tablet

injectable estrogen

prometrium capsule

A big key here is privacy and availability. If you're not absolutely sure you want to fully transition, most doctors are not going to prescribe these drugs for you.  If you are not ready to come out of the closet, then come to us instead. We'll respect your privacy and confidentiality and perhaps be able to help you fulfill some of your wants/needs.
If you are more knowledgeable about hormones, it may interest you to know that the more desirable but often very hard to get versions of these drugs are:
  • Prometrium - the closest thing to natural female progesterone with no significant side effects (unlike medroxyprogesterone which is also available) and much nicer results that include rounder fuller breasts.
  • Injectable Estradiol Valerate - for those on higher doses of estrogen who want less impact on the liver, more delivery of the actual hormone, and more convenience than daily orals provide.
  • Casodex - often described as the "magic bullet" for testosterone suppression. It is far more effective than aldactone without the side effects or lengthy gradual dose build-up.
  • Finasteride - though noted more for slowing/stopping hair loss, it also aids in blocking androgen receptors, enabling estrogen to be more effective. One mg daily is typically more than enough which makes 5 mg Proscar tablets a very good idea since each can be divided into four pills.

Brie has experienced all of the changes noted above and can describe each in more detail to you. She will tell you what a wonderful difference these hormones have made in her life. From the more subtle changes like feeling less anxiety over being in the wrong body to the more dramatic ones such as the rewiring of the body/brain/soul to the point of being able to experience a female type sexual build-up and even female type orgasms instead of male ones - wow! Women have it so much better in that department!

We'll be as up close and personal about these changes as you are comfortable with. You can literally measure your progress in some areas such as breast growth and fat migration. Take a few small steps or a lifelong journey, the choice is yours.

estradiol tablet

The use of estrogen by persons who wish to become more feminized as part of a gender transitioning process includes risks as well as certain changes. It is very important that you understand them. If you have any questions or concerns about taking estrogen and other feminizing hormones, we encourage you to take all the time you need to: ask questions, read, research , and/or talk with a doctor.

The feminizing effects of estrogen can take several months  to become noticeable. Some of these changes will be permanent. Permanent changes include:

You will probably develop breasts. These may take several years to develop to their full size. (There is extreme variation in the size of breasts you may expect. Some of this is predictable based on the size breasts your mother and sisters have, but not completely.) If you stop taking estrogen they may shrink somewhat but not completely.

You understand that there are brain structures that are affected by testosterone and estrogen, and that current medical science does not understand these structures adequately. You understand that taking a hormone which will likely affect a part of your brain whose function is not clear may have long-term effects on the functioning of your brain which are impossible to predict. These effects may be beneficial, damaging, or both.

These additional changes may  not be permanent if you stop taking estrogen:

    • Acne you might have will probably decrease
    • If you are going bald, it will probably slow down. It will probably not stop completely
    • Your skin may become softer
    • Hair growth on your body may become less noticeable; however, it will not go away
    • Your beard may become less prominent; however, it will not go away.
    • The way your body smells, especially the sweat from your armpits, will probably become less noticeable and may change in quality
    • The fat on your abdomen may decrease
    • The fat on your buttocks and thighs may increase in a more feminine pattern
  1. Estrogen may cause, or contribute to, depression.
  2. Estrogen will decrease two brain hormones that support size and function of your testicles, which may then effect your overall sexual function. These effects may go away if you stop taking estrogen. These effects include:

    1. Up to about 40% shrinkage in the size of your testicles. 
    2. Decrease in the testosterone production from your testicles.
    3. The amount and quality of your ejaculation may decrease, or it may stop entirely. Your sperm will still be present in your testicles but will probably stop maturing, so you may become infertile. You may still be able to make someone pregnant. If you are having sex with someone who can become pregnant, some form of birth control should be used. If you stop taking estrogen, your ability to make sperm normally may or may not ever come back.
    4. Your erections when aroused may no longer be hard enough for intercourse.
    5. Decrease or loss of morning and spontaneous erections is likely.
    6. Your sex drive may decrease.
  3. The effects of estrogen will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or from HIV.

    Taking estrogen can increase your risk of blood clots, which can result in:
    1. Chronic leg vein problems
    2. A pulmonary embolism (blood clot to the lung) which may cause permanent lung damage or death.
    3. A stroke which might result in permanent brain damage, such as being paralyzed or unable to talk or death.
  4. The risk of blood clots is much worse if you smoke tobacco, especially if you are over 35. You understand that the danger is so high that you should stop smoking tobacco completely if you start taking estrogen. 

  5. Estrogen can cause increased blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you may be able to take estrogen if your blood pressure is controlled with medications and/or diet and/or lifestyle changes.
  6. Estrogen puts a stress on the liver which may lead to liver inflammation or a back-up of liver products in the bile ducts (the liver's "plumbing system"). 
  7. Estrogen may increase migraine headaches and this may be a reason to choose to stop taking estrogen.
  8. Estrogen may cause nausea and vomiting, similar to morning sickness in a pregnant woman. 
  9. You are more likely to have dangerous side effects from estrogen if you smoke, are overweight, are over 40, have a history of blood clots, high blood pressure, or prior estrogen-dependent cancers.
  10. Estrogen may cause changes in your cholesterol. Your HDL (good cholesterol) may go up and your bad cholesterol (LDL) may go down. This will probably decrease your risk of heart attacks and strokes in the future.
  11. Taking estrogen should prevent prostate problems. There is a slight chance that taking estrogen will cause overgrowth of the prostate. An annual prostate exam is recommended for people over 50.
  12. You understand that everyone’s body is different and that there is no way to predict what will be your response to hormones. You understand that the right dosage for you may not be the same as for someone else.
  13. If you take too much estrogen, your body may convert it into testosterone. This may slow or stop the desired effects of the hormone.
  14. You should have physical examinations and blood tests periodically to make sure you are not having a bad reaction to the hormones.
  15. There are medical conditions that could make taking estrogen either dangerous or damaging. 

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