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This is a kit to install a Spiral Shot Sign that is missing from the popular Twilight Zone Pinball machine on the left spiral orbit. Originally a sign was part of the design, but was removed in the final product. The yellow indicating light for when to shoot the shot is still there. Many people don't even know what the light is for.

My sign uses the original light in its' original location. You install my sign without any modification to your machine. The yellow indicator light is clearly visible through the hole in the sign. The sign does not obsure any other playfield feature. The bracket is not visible from the player's perspective as it is hidden behind the mini-playfield.

This sign was designed by me and was inspired by the spiral around the start button on the cabinet. You get the sign, hardware, and aluminum mounting bracket as you see in the picture. The graphic is laminated to clear plastic and some light comes through the sign when the yellow light is on just like other playfield plastics. The graphic is also laminated with a clear film to protect the printing.


Since the bracket is aluminum, it is easily bent if you feel it needs adjusting. I would recommend resisting the urge to bend the bracket in place after the sign is installed. You may damage the gumball playfield plastic doing that. I would recommend removing the sign and using pliers with electrical tape wrapped around the jaws to make small adjustments. This way you will not mar the bracket, or the gumball plastic. Then reinstall the sign to check the fit. Repeat until you have the sign in position. You can also rotate the yellow bulb socket to align it with the hole in the sign. The mounting holes in the sign and bracket are over-sized slightly to allow some adjustment also.