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This kit requires no modification to your machine. It will allow you to adjust your gumball sign so you can have a better view of the spiral lane. This changes game play in several positive ways. You will be able see the spiral light, so you will know when to shoot the spiral shot. You will also have a better view of the ball as it rolls down from the lock kick-out, so you can shoot the camera shot more accurately. This modification is great, I have designed and installed this on my machine and it works, and looks great. Customers tell me that it looks much better than the picture shows.

Included in the kit is the sandblasted aluminum bracket, and detailed instructions. Just to clarify, you will use your original sign bracket, and install my bracket which will allow you adjust your sign back in a cosmetically pleasing way. E-mail me for better pictures, or for any questions you may have. Buyer pays 74 cents (2 stamps) shipping.


1) Remove both screws that secure the gumball sign to the ramp standoffs.

2) You may have to snip the cable tie that holds the sign wiring to the original gumball sign bracket.

3) Place the new bracket on top of the original gumball sign bracket and put a screw in the left hole, going through both brackets.

4) Thread the screw into the ramp left standoff and tighten it (lightly) to hold the sign in its’ original position. Align the new bracket so its’ right hole lines up with the ramp right standoff.

5) Rotate the gumball sign bracket back until it touches the ramp plastic by the red flasher lamp, holding the new bracket so its’ holes still line up with the ramp standoffs.

6) Install the second screw into the right side of the new bracket. It of course will not be going through the original gumball sign bracket’s right hole, just into the ramp right standoff.

7) When your gumball sign is in a position you like, (I recommend as far back as it will go) tighten the left screw enough to hold the sign in place. Do not over tighten.

8) Tighten the right side screw enough to hold the new bracket down, but do not over tighten. The new bracket will be up a bit from the ramp plastic due to the original sign bracket being under and behind the new bracket.

9) Reinstall a cable tie to hold the wiring in place.

I believe this places the sign in the position that the designers intended!