Tom's Twilight Zone Pinball Machine Accessories

Pyramid with Light
Pinball Basics DVD
The Addams Family
Custom Shooters
Anti-Glare Film
Chrome Flippers and Buttons
TZ Shooters
Holographic Eye
Town Square Street Lamp
Slot Machine
Starfield Backboard
A Most Unusual Camera
Spiral Sign
Featureless Mannequin
Quarter On Edge
Diverter Magnet
Gumball Sign Adjuster
Switch Covers
Powerfield Light Kit
Robby Robot
Inlane Protector
Chrome Clock Housing
Unusual Camera Topper
In The Zone Listener
Bumper Caps
WPC-95 Speaker Adapters
Clear Captive Balls
Mini-Playfield Bottom Cover


These do look very good in the sides of the gumball machine and are a very popular mod for the TZ.  The kit has enough to fill the globe. Several different people offer these and most of these are the same product. Mine is a bit different in that I don’t give you the ugly black balls. Some offer glossy gumballs and that is just a ceramic marble version of the same thing. I personally prefer mine as they have a satin finish more like an actual gumball. Also the plastic balls are much easier on the globe than a hard marble ball.


There is some controversy over the installation of these balls. Some advertise that they install in about a minute, not true. Some say they are easy to install, not true either. I will give you two methods. One is faster, but involves more force and risk of damage. The other is painstakingly difficult.

Method 1: Remove the gumball machine lid and force the balls into the sides with your fingers. I would recommend, “rolling the ball” on the globe side of the ball to ease it in. This puts a lot of stress on the globe, especially the inner pinball guides. I did mine this way and nothing broke. You would be unlucky if that were to happen to you, as replacement globes are hard to find. This is the tried and true method and is mentioned on the infamous “TZ Mod FAQ” Internet site. I of course cannot help you if you manage to break the gumball machine.

Method 2: Loosen or disassemble the gumball machine and install them. This is a safer way but will probably take an afternoon. The directions for disassembly are in the manual, which is available for download at the Internet Pinball Database.

I hope you enjoy your gumballs in the gumball machine. I prefer mine without the ugly black balls that you see in the other kits. I also prefer not to put all of the balls in, just about half of them. This way you can still see the pinballs.