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This is a kit for installing a Pyramid with Eye decoration on the playfield of your Twilight Zone Pinball machine. This kit requires no modification to your machine. It is easily installed and does not hinder game-play in any way. The pyramid comes with mounting bracket and installation instructions.
The eye is a jewel-like insert, and the detail of the pyramid is carved in the metal casting. The pyramid mimics the design of the pyramid on the powerfield and on the cabinet graphics. It looks great and dresses up the opto-sensor/ball drop down bracket. I have recently improved the mounting method using a slightly smaller gauge wire, and a slightly different method, but basically what you see is what you get.


This was another item that did not appear in any episode. It turns out that this was something neat-looking that artist John Youssi threw in on the cabinet artwork. Pat Lawlor thought it was pretty cool and this lead directly to its appearance on the powerfield as well. My original conjecture was that it represented GREED (being from the back of the U. S. dollar bill) and that it usually popped up on the game in conjunction with that theme (and greed was certainly a theme which occurred frequently in TZ episodes).

The all-seeing eye" is the classic symbol of the illuminati, a "secret conspiracy" that's pretty well known. The gist is that the Illuminati are a shadowy cabal of leaders who run the world, by controlling various agents and groups through fear and blackmail. Though I haven't read it, I believe the original source is the book ILLUMINATUS!, which is a parody of conspiracy theories and such. Steve Jackson Games makes role-playing and board games, and one of their biggest products is ILLUMINATI, where players control groups to try to take over the world. SJG also has adopted the All-seeing eye as a company logo.


Remove the two forward most opto-sensor mounting screws and replace them with the pyramid in place. Be careful not to over tighten the screws.