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This is a kit for installing a magnet in the bridge diverter assembly of the popular Twilight Zone Pinball machine. I have designed and installed this modification on my machine and it works great. No more bounce backs on the right ramp shot. This device works 100% of the time to keep the steel balls in the diverter and provides a proper spill of the ball into the spiral lane. Now you can shoot the piano more often, get those door panels awarded, and get "Lost in the Zone" more often!

Included in the bracket kit is a high energy ceramic permanent magnet, custom made aluminum bracket, hardware, and detailed instructions.

Included in the adhesive kit is the magnet and high strength pressure sensitive adhesive and installation instructions. (No drilling required)

Adhesive Type Installation:

1) Remove the diverter from the machine by carefully removing the “E” clip and pivot rod. Be careful not to loose the “E” ring.
2) The magnet will be installed on the opposite side of the metal wall where the ball stops, towards the front and against the top.

3) Thoroughly clean the surface with alcohol or acetone using a lint free cloth.

4) Being careful not to touch the cleaned surface, peel off the protective paper from the magnet exposing the adhesive tape.

5) Press the magnet firmly into the diverter. Be careful to position the magnet correctly as you only get one chance to stick it down.

6) Install the diverter back into the machine. Now make some ramp shots and enjoy the lack of bounce-backs!!!

Bracket Type Installation:

Safety: Always wear safety goggles when drilling.

Stainless steel can generate sharp burrs.

Observe proper procedures around rotating tools such as drill presses and hand drills.

Tools: Drill Press (preferred) or hand drill

#39 drill bit (new preferred or sharp)

#5-40 tap

Tap handle

Wood block (see #2 below)

Drilling / tapping oil

Needle nose pliers for removing “E” clip

Flat blade screwdriver for installing magnet bracket

Metal working file for deburing steel

Center punch and hammer

1) Remove the diverter from the machine by carefully removing the “E” clip and pivot rod. Be careful not to loose the “E” ring.

2) Make a wooden block to fit tightly in the “ball section” of the diverter to allow clamping the diverter in a vise. (Without this block it will be difficult to hold the bracket for drilling. A little time spent here will save a lot of aggravation.)

3) Use the bracket as a guide to make marks on the diverter for drilling. The magnet will go in the narrow side of the bracket towards the front, with the bracket centered top to bottom.

4) Use a punch and hammer to make small divots in the metal so the drill bit will not wander.

5) Insert the wooden block in the diverter and clamp the diverter in the vise tightly.

6) Drill the two holes using a slow speed (400RPM), plenty of cutting oil, and a sharp drill bit (#39). If the diverter or the drill bit becomes overheated, the drill will dull and not cut the steel. It is a good idea to drill for a while and then stop to check for heat build up. Also while drilling, check to see that metal shavings are being generated, which would indicate that you are drilling through and not just spinning. Apply oil to the spot where the drill is touching the steel to lubricate the drilling and to cool the work. Apply new oil every so often. You can cool the drill and diverter with water or compressed air if necessary. Just remember to reapply the oil before drilling again. Heat is your enemy and will dull the drill.

7) Remove the diverter from the vise and be sure to debur the holes before taping. Be careful of the sharp edges left from drilling.

8) Use a #5-40 tap and cutting oil to tap the two holes.

9) Clean off the oil and install the magnet and bracket.

10) Cut the screws off on the “ball” side of the diverter. A hack saw or flush cutting pliers will do the job. Cutting the screws off will leave a deformed screw end, which will keep the screw from becoming loose from vibration. Make sure that the screws do not interfere with the ball. File if necessary.

11) Install the diverter back into the machine. Check for interference with the playfield plastic and trim if necessary.

12) Now make some ramp shots and enjoy the lack of bounce-backs!!!

If all of this is beyond your abilities, you have two options: take the job to a machinist, or I can do the job for you for a fee. Please feel free to contact me.