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This is a kit for installing a Quarter Balancing on Edge decoration on the playfield of your Twilight Zone Pinball machine. This kit requires no modification to your machine. It is easily installed and does not hinder game-play in any way.
The genuine silver quarter is a 1964 vintage just like the one on the backglass, and is in great condition since it is an un-circulated coin. This quarter is worth a lot more than 25 cents. The mounting bracket is not visible from the player's perspective, and the quarter looks kind of eerie balancing there.


You can mount the quarter anywhere there is a nut or screw, but I prefer it on the upper right flipper plastic since there is no graphic there. If necessary you can bend the bracket to achieve the angle you prefer for the coin. Just be careful not to put too much stress on the playfield plastic standoff. I recommend bending it with pliers off the machine and then installing it after adjusting. 1964 was the last year that quarters were made out of silver. So this quarter is solid silver and not plated. It can be shined with any silver polish, however, polish made for coins is recommended.


From the episode “A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS”. Dick York (of "Bewitched" fame) buys a newspaper, casually tossing a quarter into the newsboy's coinbox. The coin lands on its edge and he finds that he can now read minds. At first this appears neat, but he soon learns that it's more trouble than it's worth, even to the point of losing his job at a bank (he warns the bank manager that a very prominent customer intends to take his business loan to the racetrack - and he gets canned at the mere suggestion of impropriety on the part of this customer). Ultimately, this is proven correct, however, and his job is restored. As the manager is giving him his job back, a ladyfriend sends him thoughts that he should be more assertive, and he takes her advice: he lets the bank manager know that he knows about his mistress.
The bank manager gives him a promotion to head of accounting in return for his silence. On the way home, he buys another paper from the same newsboy. He tosses another quarter in the box - and this one knocks the other quarter over (the newsboy had made a conscious effort to leave the first quarter standing all day). Instantly, his power to read minds disappears, and he's very grateful.