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Featureless Mannequin
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I take pride in offering to you, a “Featureless Mannequin” decoration for the popular Twilight Zone pinball machine. Great effort was taken to bring you a quality accessory, which would mimic the Mannequin on the backglass, slingshot plastic and cabinet.

The Featureless Mannequin is from the opening scenes of the Twilight Zone TV show and also of the episode “The After Hours”.

The new 6 inch Mannequin installs quickly with one wood screw into the top of the backboard (not the face of the backboard). The mounting method is not visible when the playfield is down in the machine. The Mannequin when mounted as shown, also helps to cover the ramp switch which is kind of ugly.


Once a location is determined install the small wood screw into the top of the backboard through the mounting wire hole. Be careful not to over tighten the screw. You may choose to glue the joints of the mannequin to prevent movement from playfields vibration. Just make sure you have the pose you want, then a drop or two of wood glue in each of the joints should hold the pose.