Tom's Twilight Zone Pinball Machine Accessories

The Addams Family

Pyramid with Light
Pinball Basics DVD
The Addams Family
Custom Shooters
Anti-Glare Film
Chrome Flippers and Buttons
TZ Shooters
Holographic Eye
Town Square Street Lamp
Slot Machine
Starfield Backboard
A Most Unusual Camera
Spiral Sign
Featureless Mannequin
Quarter On Edge
Diverter Magnet
Gumball Sign Adjuster
Switch Covers
Powerfield Light Kit
Robby Robot
Inlane Protector
Chrome Clock Housing
Unusual Camera Topper
In The Zone Listener
Bumper Caps
WPC-95 Speaker Adapters
Clear Captive Balls
Mini-Playfield Bottom Cover

Recently there have been a number of copycat sellers offering similar products for TAF. The items on this page are my original creations.



This high quality die cast TV is complete with mounting bracket. It hides the ugly switch and cover on the main ramp and is a great tribute to the old TV show that inspired the movie.

Topper Light Kit

This light kit comes complete, is easy to install, and does not require any permanent modifications to your game. You get detailed instructions with pictures. The blue glow lights up the Addams logo, the cloud, and the walls of your gameroom. The lightning flashes are still very visible over the blue light. The light kit draws almost no power, generates virtually no heat, and is designed for very long life. The position of the light can be adjusted to give the effect you like. Please email for availability.


Antique Doorbell Shooter

This antique style doorbell shooter rod is ready to install in place of the original shooter rod. It is made of solid cast metal and has a genuine antique finish and feel. Just like when guests would arrive and ring the doorbell on the old TV show. To install the new shooter, you raise the playfield, remove the rubber tip and "C" clip. Pull the old shooter out, put the short spring on the new rod and place the new rod in the shooter housing. Replace the long spring, "C" clip and tip.


Swamp Light Kit

This kit is easy to install and has everything you need to light up the Swamp. Comes with alligator clips for easy electrical connection. I prefer this method as it lights up the swamp plastic and not the scoop underneath.


Bear Kick Sign Light Kit

This kit is easy to install and has everything you need including alligator clips for the electrical connections.


Knight in Armor

This is a high quality die cast miniature Knight in Armor that mounts quickly and easily on the existing hardware in the machine. The Knight goes perfectly just to the left of Thing's red box.


Candlestick Telephone

This is a high quality die cast miniature Candlestick Telephone just like the one Thing used to answer on the TV show.


Note: Candlestick Telephone is difficult to install and requires removal of the playfield plastic and drilling of the existing telephone sign mounting rivets to install.


Make your Vault look like one with this high quality, easy to install die cast miniature.



This hand made miniature is easy to install on the existing hardware in the machine. It has actual mohair and has a durable hardwood core and plastic mounting bracket.



This high quality die cast minature Locomotive makes a great addition to the train wreck shot. It is easy to install on the existing hardware in the machine.


Thing Ramp Sign
$19.99 each plus $5 shipping within the USA


This sign is perfectly appropriate to mark the "Thing" ramp. It pays tribute to the "Beware of the Thing" sign which was on the fence outside the Addams mansion on the old TV show. This sign also covers the ugly bulb sockets.

Ramp Covers


These ramp covers eliminate air-balls which can damage your pinball playfield. The left ramp will benefit the most as the ball will be kept down in the ramp so it can make the sharp turn at the top. This will prevent the ramp damage which almost every Addams pinball has. These covers are easy to install and blend in very well.