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As you can see in this picture, the glare from the DMD is gone. Notice how you can see the castle, that is sweet. This illustrates how effective this film can be.
This film in most instances eliminates the glare on the playfield glass from the dot matrix display (DMD). The kit includes a 13.25" x 3.5" piece of film, extensive directions, and tips for optimizing the film's effectiveness. This film is sized for most DMD games like TZ, TAF, MM, etc. Please measure your DMD prior to ordering.
The effectiveness of this film is mostly dependent upon the clarity of the clear cover in front of the DMD. If your cover is severely scratched or dirty, there will be some glare from the light scattered by the clear cover. You can tell how effective the film is by placing it over the front of the DMD with the game on. You will see all of the glare eliminated. It really is amazing, and makes the game look great.