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WPC-95 Speaker Adapters
Clear Captive Balls
Mini-Playfield Bottom Cover


This is a custom made Invader Figure “Topper” for the Twilight Zone Pinball machine. The Invader is 8.5” tall, durable vinyl casting with lots of detail and is true to the original Invader in size and proportion. Taken from episode #51 “The Invaders” this figure is modified with a white LED in the weapon, which lights up when connected to your pinball machine. True to the original Invader, only the weapon lights up. I have provided a mounting method for those who tend to shake their machine when they play. The wiring is run through the inside and emerges from the back of one of the feet, and can then be easily routed in through the vent in the back of the backbox. You can connect the weapon to light up with certain playfield features, or have it on all the time. Like all of my accessories, this one is of high quality. You get the Invader with light up weapon, original packaging which has episode information and cool graphics, and detailed installation instructions.