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I designed this modification to reduce the bounce outs from the Rocket Kicker. After some discussion on the Google online discussion group REC.GAMES.PINBALL, Robert Winter suggested I call this mod PARKABO. Which stands for “purist approved rocket kicker anti bounce out”. The reason for the purist-approved part is that this mod is not like a decoration and would probably appeal to a pinball purist who likes to keep his/her machine all original. Just a bit of humor that most people will think is obscure. The solution although simple and quick, is effective and not obtrusive. Please do not judge it as being too simple. Like all good TZ mods this one can be removed without a trace if you decide you don’t like it.




Remove the lower hex head screw, which holds the ball guide piece, located behind the upper right flipper. Install the PARKABO in its place. Try to reuse the threads that are cut in the playfield as you screw in the PARKABO. This way the hole will not become stripped. Also, do not over tighten the PARKABO as it will not see much action and does not need to be very tight. Keep the original screw in case you want to remove PARKABO later.


Make sure there is clearance for the ball to get by PARKABO and settle into the rocket. I have just developed this mod and have only tested it on my machine. If there is any interference you may be able to adjust other pieces to get clearance.