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After seeing the expensive and rather large Robbys for TZ online, I decided to offer a more affordable and less obtrusive version. This figurine is very detailed and finely made for its’ price. It is no longer made and is getting harder to find as time goes on. It is in perfect proportion to the original Robby. I have fabricated a mounting method for you, but you are free of course to install him anyway and anywhere you like.


I provide two mounting screws, one in each leg for attachment to the bracket. They are Allen head 5/64” with #6/32 threads. If you do not have the required Allen wrench for the screws, you can remove them with pliers and replace them with standard #6/32 screws. I prefer these Allen screws, as they are black and less noticeable.


The clear acrylic bracket is meant to replace the small “ball trap preventer” piece above the flasher lamp on the left top of the plastic robot ramp. The bend in the bracket is somewhat adjustable and can be bent to put Robby at the angle you prefer. Do not over bend the crease as it may break. If it does, another bracket can be easily fabricated out of acrylic available at hardware stores and Home Depot.