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Pinball Basics DVD
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Pinball Basics DVD
-$14.99 each plus $5 for USPS Priority Mail shipping
  within the domestic USA
-International shipping is $13


Pinball Basics is a 45 minute DVD which teaches basic pinball skills. It is geared towards beginner and novice players, but has many tips and tricks which can help most players.
It took 1.5 years of filming and editing in my spare time to complete, and includes many tidbits which come from my over 35 years of playing experience. Shot with a digital camcorder and transferred directly to PC for editing, then to DVD, the picture quality is very good. Machines depicted are my 1975 Gottlieb Pin Up, 1981 Bally Embryon, The Addams Family, Twilight Zone, and WhiteWater.
My goal is to help players get more enjoyment out of the game.
Chapter topics include:
You can order Pinball Basics by going to PayPal and sending $19.99 (this includes domestic USA shipping) to
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Viewer comments:

Hi All,

I bought Tom Wible's Pinball Basics DVD.  The short review is that
it is a good video, delivers as advertised, and well worth the $20.
Tom covers the basics like aiming, passing, catching, nudging,
multiball, saving, and outlane control.  He also shows these
techniques on 3 or 4 machines (and makes me regret selling my
Embryon.. stupid... stupid!).  These are probably not new concepts to
everyone here, but I suspect that many of us could improve in these
areas.  The camera angles and instruction were clear.

The only real knock I have is that the cheesy music was a little

Overall this was a great effort and perfect introduction to pinball, I
could see casual players like my dad and my brother learning a good
deal from this video.

Marc Marasco

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I think this (Pinball 101) video is a good complement to the video Tom Wible did. He (Tom) covers the basics and physics a little more in depth.  

Gregg B.

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I bought and watched Tom's DVD too, and I'm glad I did. I didn't
really find the music to be a distraction, as I was more focused on
the content. This DVD teaches and demonstrates fundamentals, which I
believe everyone can benefit from. I was never much of a nudger when I
started out playing pinball, but know that it is essential to having
better and longer games. This DVD covers how to effectively do that.
I've been practicing my outlane saves and post passes more since
watching it, and I think I'm improving somewhat. I would recommend it
to all as an instructional how-to, as well as to those who already
know but could use a refresher.


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I too bought Tom's video and found it to be enjoyable.  I didn't find the music
to be distracting since I have a pool playing video with the same music and got
kind of used to it from watching it over and over. seems to be a common music
theme for videos since I found it on a foosball video too.

Anyway, I learned a couple of things and enjoyed watching it, so considering it
came well packaged for protection from the USPS folks and the shipping price is
included in the 20 dollar price, seemed very fair to me for what I got. I'd like
to see another video from Tom, maybe a game shopping video.


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BTW, my girlfriend basically doubled her playing ability overnight after watching your DVD.

Thanks- Jaimie

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Hi Tom,

I just watched your DVD and thought it was excellent. Thank you very much for creating such a high quality product.

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