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From a satisfied customer:
"...and by the way the light conversion for the street light turned out awesome. Much better looking."

Let’s face it, the mini playfield “Streetlamp” on Twilight Zone is ugly and blocks the view of the Gumball Machine.

This kit allows you to remove the ugly “streetlamp” which lights the mini playfield, yet keep all of the original lighting effects. As an added bonus, the kit also illuminates the gumball machine, which is in a rather dark area of the playfield.

The kit has everything you need, and requires NO MODIFICATION to your pinball machine. The original lighting scheme is kept for lighting the mini playfield with general illumination and the flashlamp effects.

The kit is installed easily (no soldering) by plugging in one connector and comes with detailed instructions. You can keep the original streetlamp intact. The kit contains three lamp sockets pre-wired to an electrical connector, cable ties, and detailed instructions with pictures showing how and where to mount the lights.

The kit contains 3 light sockets just like the original streetlamp. The large flashlamp goes on the right side under the playfield plastic which is above the defeat the power hole at the top of the powerfield. The two general illumination lamps are installed as follows: one is placed under the plastic at the top left of the powerfield to illuminate the gumball machine, the other goes under the left side of the playfield plastic which is above the defeat the power hole at the top of the powerfield.

This accomplishes getting rid of the ugly streetlamp above the powerfield, illuminating the gumball machine which is dark, and keep the powerfield lit for gameplay.