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Bangor Daily News Op Ed 2/9/06
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Approximate Costs
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To save money I decided to install the heat pump and air system myself. Here is a list of costs for the major components of this project.


            30000 BTU Heat pump:             $1700

             Shipping                                   $300

            1800 feet ” pipe                        $300

            Backhoe                                    $400

            Ductwork                                   $300

            Pump                                        $100

            Misc.                                         $100


            Total:                                       $3200


Since the initial installation, I added a new thermostat, a desuperheater pump for domestic hot water and a 1/8 horse power pump to replace the 1/25 pump I had installed. The total cost now is about $3500. This summer I’m planning on adding ductwork to heat/cool the upstairs portion of my house for another $300 which would bring the total cost to $3800. The total cost for a house that already has air ductwork would probably be about $3200.  


The installation involved a lot of work and some stress since I wasn’t sure how well the system would work after it was installed. The following pages describe my experiences with installing the heat pump.

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