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REPLICA OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR FLAG. Possibly a centennial. Flag was formerly from the Brooklyn Historical Society. 30" x 48" white flag with black coiled rattlesnake, reading "Don’t Tread on Me" in 3" letters. All machine-sewn with 1/2" hoist with brass grommets. CONDITION: Overall very good with minor soiling. 4-53809 (450-550)



REPLICA 13-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. Formerly in the Brooklyn Historical Society. 30" x 48" all machine-sewn flag is made of wool bunting with double-appliqué cotton stars and 3/4" hoist. CONDITION: Overall very good with good colors. Few scattered holes. 4-53810 (450-550)



50-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. Formerly in the Brooklyn Historical Society. 70" x 104" flag is all machine-sewn, made of cotton. CONDITION: Has seen some use. Frayed at fly tips and soiled but with good colors. 4-53811 (100-300))



CIVIL WAR ERA AMERICAN MARITIME FLAG. 76" x 104". Sarah McFadden’s design of an American eagle with patriotic shield with crescent of 13 stars is sewn through on a background of blue blended wool material. McFadden began making this pattern in the late 1850’s and her design was used until the 20th century. Design is entirely hand-sewn, edges sewn with early machine. CONDITION: Blue has faded to a turquoise in field. Blue shield is still vivid as well as the red stripes. White cotton eagle soiled and patinated. This flag will present and display beautifully. A few old repairs & scattered holes are present. 4-53812 JS101 (5,000-10,000)



48-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 46" x 70" wool bunting flag is all machine-sewn with 2" canvas hoist. This flag has the most unusual canton we have ever seen in a 48-star flag. 13 large stars are in a circle with 35 additional small stars in symmetrical crescents (please see picture!). 4-54033 JS91 (2,500-3,500)



13-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 67" x 122" wool bunting flag with 1-3/4" hoist, marked "Manufactured by Bunting Lowell, Mass". Also stenciled "American Ensign, 10. Ft." Old brown ink inscription reads, "G. Byron Morse". Two brass grommets, stars & stripes are all printed. CONDITION: Colors are bold with fraying at fly. 4-54034 JS104 (100-200)



36-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 65" x 104" cotton and linen flag is all machine-sewn, printed canton, 1" canvas hoist with sewn attachments. CONDITION: Flag has nice colors, however, much of surface is soiled and stained. 4-54035 JS90 (400-800)



45-STAR AMERICAN PARADE FLAG. Printed cotton flag is 16" x 24". Canton with central star and three rings of concentric stars and four stars in each quadrant. CONDITION: Very good, apparently saw no use. 4-54036 JS93 (200-400)



45-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 4-1/2’ x 9’ wool bunting with reinforced corners & 2" canvas hoist with brass and sewn grommets. Flag is entirely machine-sewn with double-appliquéd cotton stars. CONDITION: Colors are bold. Water staining and scattered moth holes. 4-54037 JS95 (200-400)



45-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 5’8" x 8’4" flag. Stripes are cotton and canton is heavy wool blend. Stars are double-appliquéd and machine-sewn. Flag is probably home made, with 1-3/4" cotton hoist. CONDITION: Scattered moth holes in canton. Colors are good but blue has faded to purple. Scattered staining. 4-54038 JS105 (200-400)



46-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 33" x 54"flag. Stripes are cotton and canton is blended material with mixed hand and machine-sewn. Stars are hand-sewn and double-appliquéd. The 46 stars commemorate the state of Oklahoma in 1907. CONDITION: Nice displayable flag with good colors; few scattered holes. 4-54039 JS94 (300-600)



45-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 44" x 84" flag is all cotton with cotton hoist & blue canton that is faded almost to white. Flag is mixed hand and machine-sewn with double-appliqué stars and double stitching on each star in shape of a star. 45 stars commemorated the state of Utah in 1896. CONDITION: Canton has lost most of the color. Water stains, scattered holes and fraying. 4-54040 JS92 (200-400)



36-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 44" x 60" wool and cotton blend flag is all machine-sewn. 3/4" hoist has sewn brass grommets and brass rings attached. Cotton stars are double-appliquéd in six rows of six; 36-star commemorated the state of Nevada, October 1864. This is a very pleasing small displayable flag. CONDITION: This flag saw use & has several repair holes and scattered small holes throughout. 4-54041 JS89 (500-1,000)



34-STAR CIVIL WAR FLAG. 18-1/2’ x 9-1/2’. All bunting, hand-sewn flag with sewn through cotton stars. Large 1" brass grommets are present in the hoist. These are the style grommets commonly excavated in Civil War camps and battlefields. "Andrew J. Rich," is written on hoist. 4-54119 JS105 (2,000-3,000)



35-STAR CIVIL WAR FLAG. 7’7" x 4’4". Hand-sewn cotton stars dbl-appliquéd to canton. Flag is otherwise all wool bunting with mixed machine and hand sewing. 3/4" brass grommets are present on hoist and of the type commonly excavated at Civil War campsites and battlefields. CONDITION: Good colors and presentable size. 4-54120 JS104 (2,000-3,000)



CIVIL WAR 33-STAR FLAG. 56" x 8’ flag of unusual construction. Made with cotton and blended wool/cotton panels. Cotton stars form a "tombstone" in the canton when displayed vertically as was done during the Civil War era. Above the "tombstone" are 2 additional stars. The 32nd & 33rd stars are hand-sewn with perimeter stitches around every star, whereas stars 1-31 are simply backstitched on. A small cloth tag sewn to flag near hoist reads in old brown ink, "Jacob M. Keech, Roxborough, 1864". A most unusual and pleasing Civil War flag. CONDITION: Overall good with good colors. 4-54121 JS103 (3,000-5,000)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 56" x 88" wool bunting flag with 1-3/4" hoist and brass grommets. Canton is medallion of cotton stars, all hand-sewn double-appliqué. Written on canton in ballpoint, "8-1-76," and "J.G.S" in small cloth embroidered panels. Flag is nice. CONDITION: Flag saw use with fraying at fly and scattered mothing. 4-54330 (2,000-3,000)



13-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 23" x 43" commercially made wool bunting flag has double-appliquéd machine-sewn stars. 1-1/2" hoist with metal grommets. Flag was only made with five stripes & has no stripes below canton. CONDITION: Hoist is detached; major mothing causing several 2" holes; colors are good. 4-54070 JS115 (100-200)



7-STAR NAVAL STREAMER. 2" x 50" flag has 2" hoist with two metal grommets, all machine-sewn, and wool bunting with double-appliquéd cotton stars. 4-54071 JS114 (25-50)



48-STAR PARADE FLAG. 14" x 16" silk printed flag has canton with rows of 5, 8, 8, 7, 7, 8 & 5 stars. This is an unusual configuration of stars. CONDITION: Fine. Flag shows little use. 4-54073 JS113 (200-400)



13-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 2’2" x 4’2" machine-sewn bunting flag has double-appliquéd felt stars. 1-1/2" sleeved hoist. CONDITION: Very good. Bold colors and a few scattered moth holes. Flag shows little use. Nice displayable 19th century American flag. 4-54074 JS112 (300-600)



13-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 15" x 25" wool bunting flag has machine-sewn stripes and hand-sewn and sewn through cotton stars. Flag is maker marked on hoist, "Annin & Co. 2" & in old ink is written, "Alice G. Agnew April 2, 1896". Two small brass grommets are attached on either end of hoist. This is a beautiful small late 19th century displayable flag CONDITION: Bold colors, scattered holes. 4-54075 JS111 (300-600)



36-STAR LINCOLN PARADE FLAG. 13" x 21" printed cotton flag. Canton is a great star. A 4" vignette of Lincoln is centered in the stripes on flag. Flag is sewn around edges and sewn on hoist end, making a 1/2" sleeve. We have never seen this form before and are not, therefore, familiar with it. CONDITION: Flag is faded and Lincoln’s image is very light. 4-54076 JS110 (1,000-2,000)



39-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 18" x 30" flag is printed on cotton & canton sits on red stripe. 39 stars is a rare configuration & is a rare unofficial flag commemorating the state of North Dakota, Nov. 1889. CONDITION: Fine bold colors. Flag apparently unused. 4-54077 JS109 (500-1,000)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 23-1/2" x 31" flag is printed on cotton & canton is a medallion of concentric ringed stars. 38-star flags commemorate the state of Colorado in 1876. CONDITION: Colors are lightly faded, scattered staining. 4-54078 JS108 (200-400)



36-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 38" x 62" wool bunting flag has linen hoist and two brass grommets. All machine-sewn & cotton stars are sewn through. CONDITION: Colors are good. Scattered mothing and holes, largest being about 2". 4-54079 JS121 (200-400)



44-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 4’ x 8’ flag. 44 stars commemorated the state of Wyoming in 1890. 1-1/2" canvas hoist has two brass grommets at either end. Wool bunting flag with machine-sewn stripes and stars of cotton that are double-appliquéd and hand-sewn. CONDITION: Colors good. Flag shows little use with minor small holes. 4-54080 JS120 (300-600)



48-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 35" x 72" hand made, all machine-sewn flag is made of various cotton blend fabrics. Sewn-over hoist contains heavy cord. A rare 48 star flag with the canton seated on the "War or Blood" stripe. To the consignor’s knowledge this is the only one known to exist. CONDITION: Colors good; stained; flag shows little use. 4-54081 JS119 (1,000-4,000)



13-STAR BICENTENNIAL FLAG. 33" x 62" all hand-sewn cotton construction. Doubled canton is sewn on each panel with the number "76" surrounded by 13 seven-point stars in crescent format. This is a well-constructed, very displayable piece of folk art. CONDITION: Colors faded and some fraying at fly from use with some staining. 4-54082 JS118 (100-200)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 53-1/4" x 89" wool bunting flag with machine-sewn stripes, double appliquéd cotton stars. 38 stars commemorated state of Colorado in 1876. This flag was from the famous Mastai Collection and stamped so on the hoist. CONDITION: Overall good with a few scattered holes and tears. 4-54083 JS116 (200-400)



37-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 4’4" x 8’ flag. 37 stars commemorate the state of Nebraska in 1867. This wool bunting flag was made by "Annin & Co., New York" as is marked on hoist. Two brass grommets are at either end of the 1-1/2" canvas hoist. Cotton stars are hand-sewn and sewn through. CONDITION: About 25% of bottom stripe is missing due to major fraying. Other scattered fraying and holes; color is good. 4-54084 JS117 (300-600)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 4’ x 8’ flag is commercially made & printed on wool bunting. 2" canvas hoist has three brass grommets & is stenciled "American Ensign 8 Ft". CONDITION: Colors are good. Some repairs at fly end. 4-54085 JS123 (200-400)



STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS FLAG. 56" x 67" flag has State Seal of Mass. on white silk with gold silk fringe. This flag descended through the family of Gideon Blasland, who served in the 1st Mass. Infantry and lost his left hand in the 2nd Battle of Bull Run. Copies of his pay records, pension applications, etc accompanies. CONDITION: Silk is very fragile, broken, and cracked. Painting is fairly intact, although some details are weak. 4-54086 (1,000-3,000)



47-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 55" x 112" wool bunting flag is all machine-sewn with double-appliquéd cotton stars. 1-1/2" canvas hoist ends with brass grommets. 47 star flags are unofficial and commemorated the state of New Mexico, January 1912. These flags are scarce. CONDITION: Good colors & shows little use. Minor mothing. 4-54087 JS133 (500-1,000)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 4’ x 7’ wool bunting flag has 2" sleeved canvas hoist stenciled "No. 11". Stripes are machine-sewn. Cotton stars are double-appliquéd and hand-sewn. CONDITION: Good with few small paint stains & minor moth holes. 4-54089 JS124 (200-400)



45-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 4’ x 10’ cotton flag is all machine-sewn with odd pattern canton of 8, 7, 8, 7, 8, 7 stars. 1" sleeved hoist contains rope. CONDITION: Flag is soiled w/few tears near fly, longest being about 1’. Few scattered small holes; colors slightly faded but still good. 4-54090 JS125 (200-400)



44-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 4’ x 7’ commercially made wool bunting flag is stenciled on the 1-3/4" hoist, "Navy 4 x 7". All machine-sewn, wool bunting, double-appliquéd cotton stars. CONDITION: Very good. Flag shows little or no use with good colors. 4-54091 JS126 (200-400)



42-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 6’ x 6’ wool bunting flag with double-appliquéd hand-sewn cotton stars, fringed in gold cotton. 42 stars is an unofficial flag commemorating the state of Washington in 1889. Six-foot square flags with fringe are generally military. 2-1/2" hoist is made by folding over edge of flag. CONDITION: Fringe coming loose at hoist; scattered mothing; colors are good. 4-54092 JS127 (300-600)



CIVIL WAR 35-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 8’ x 12’ hand-sewn wool bunting flag with hand-sewn and sewn through cotton stars. Hand-sewn 1-1/4" canvas hoist holds rope. On 15" x 3" canvas panel sewn to top of canton is stenciled "American Ensign 8 x 12". 35 star flag commemorates the state of West Virginia, June 1863. In old brown ink on hoist is written "Maxwell". CONDITION: Flag shows use. Scattered mothing and fraying at fly. Colors are good. Several small holes worn in stars. 4-54093 JS132 (2,000-3,000)



AMERICAN FLAGS MADE BY ANNA SPENCER OVER A THIRTY YEAR PERIOD. Anna Spencer was quite a seamstress! Her flags are very well made; these flags descended in the Spencer family. (1) 37-star 5’ x 9’ American Flag is of wool bunting and hand and machine-sewn. Double-appliquéd cotton stars are hand-sewn with 2-1/4" canvas hoist that has two pieces of sheet metal riveted & holding large rings similar to Naval streamer described next. 37 star flags were used from 1867 to 1876. (2) Naval streamer is 8" x 15’. A beautiful pennant with hand sewed stars. Canvas hoist is stenciled "Made June 1904". (3) 45-star 8’ x 12’ wool bunting flag with hand-sewn double-appliquéd cotton stars. 2-1/2" heavy canvas hoist has same style attachment as the two previous items. Flag hoist is stenciled "Anna C. Spencer, June 1904". (4) 48-star 25" x 37" flag. Probably made in 1912 when New Mexico and Arizona became states. This is one of the most pleasing and early 48 star flags a person could ever find. Stars are double-appliquéd hand-sewn cotton. A gold cotton fringe borders fly top & bottom of flag. 1" hoist has three hand-sewn grommets. CONDITION: This is an unusual archive of flags all sewn by one person and preserved in family. All flags are in very good condition with minor mothing and good colors. At one time the Spencer archive also contained Civil War, Spanish/American, and WWI Military memorabilia of other family members. 4-54094, 4-54103, 4-54072, 4-54088 JS129 (2,000-3,000)



37-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 6’ x 9’ wool bunting flag with rope hoist in 2-1/4" canvas sleeve & double-appliquéd hand-sewn polished cotton stars. CONDITION: Very good with scattered small mothing. Flag shows little use. 4-54095 JS131 (300-600)



37-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 5’4" x 9’ flag is all hand-sewn and of wool bunting with 1" rope hoist, brass grommets, stars are sewn through. 37 star flag commemorated the state of Nebraska in 1867. CONDITION: Colors good; fraying at fly, scattered mothing. 4-54096 JS130 (300-600)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 5’4" x 8’9" flag is made of wool bunting with double-appliquéd hand-sewn cotton stars, 1-3/4" hoist with rope. Metallic fringe is sewn to fly end of flag. CONDITION: Colors good; metallic fringe is worn but still 90% intact. Scattered mothing. 4-54097 JS128 (200-400)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 64" x 96" flag is made from wool blend. Stripes are mixed hand and machine-sewn. Stars are cotton double-appliquéd hand-sewn. 3-1/2" heavy canvas hoist contains rope. CONDITION: Flag shows little use with scattered moth holes throughout. 4-54098 JS136 (300-600)



38-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 6’ x 10’ wool bunting flag with 2" hoist ending with two brass grommets. Cotton stars are hand-sewn and sewn through. Hoist in old brown ink reads, "Runkle". White stripe near canton has two 3" fluted anchors stenciled. CONDITION: Flag has seen use with fraying at fly and top edge, scattered holes and tears. Still presents very well with unusual stenciled anchors on white stripe. 4-54099 JS135 (200-400)



39-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 6’4" x 8" commercially made flag made & marked by "Annin & Co., NY, 99 & 101 Fulton St., NY". Flag is also stenciled "10 XX". Stripes and hoist are machine-sewn. Cotton stars are hand-sewn and sewn through. 39 stars is an unofficial flag commemorating the state of North Dakota, November 2, 1889. CONDITION: Fine. Color is good and flag shows little use. 4-54100 JS134 (500-1,000)



48-STAR PARADE FLAG USED IN FRANCE, WWI. 7" x 10" printed flag. "Rainbow Division, B’Ham. Ala., May 10, 1919, Back From France, Thelma L. Chambers" is written on stripes. CONDITION: Minor fraying, two small burn holes, but good colors; great display item. 4-54101 JS83 (100-200)



38-STAR PATRIOTIC HANDKERCHIEF. Printed silk 15-1/2" x 15-1/2" handkerchief with red and white border and blue center. Furled 38-star American Flag with ribbon stating, "Protection to American Industries". 38 stars commemorated the state of Colorado in 1876. CONDITION: Red has faded to orange. Two longitudinal tears are 3" to 4" each but do not effect aesthetics. 4-54102 JS96 (200-400)



CIVIL WAR ERA 34-STAR HAND-SEWN PATRIOTIC SHIELD. 7" x 7-3/4" with the same design as seen in so many patriotic motifs of the Civil War. This same shield will be seen on patriotic envelopes & stationary and etched on the blades of swords. Flag is made of cotton and polished cotton. Stars are embroidered & shield is backed with white muslin. A very unusual and probably unique Civil War era patriotic shield. CONDITION: Very good; bright colors. 4-54104 JS85 (200-400)



21-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 19" x 38". This flag commemorates the state of Illinois in 1819. Flag is made of wool blend material with 1" sleeved hoist and stars on canton are in three rows of five and one row of six. Cotton stars are sewn through. This is a rarely found configuration, especially in a small displayable size. CONDITION: Fine. Flag was apparently made and never used. Colors are bold with minor staining. 4-54105 JS103 (2,000-4,000)



13-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 29" x 62" wool bunting flag has machine-sewn stripes and hoist & double-appliquéd hand-sewn stars. 2" hoist has two crude brass grommets. Nice small displayable 13-star flag! Probably made in Civil War-era to late 19th century. CONDITION: Overall very good with some soiling and scattered mothing. 4-54106 JS97 (500-1,000)



CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG. 20th century, all machine-sewn, 4’ x 6’ flag with metal grommets. This flag is unmarked & all cotton. 1-1/2" canvas hoist. CONDITION: Good colors. Separations at fly & top edge, scattered holes. 4-54107 JS87 (100-200)



CONFEDERATE 20th CENTURY FLAG. All-cotton First National Flag is 32" x 68". Middle stripe has professionally painted firing cannon and "Sumpter Flying Artillery". CONDITION: Flag is fine, apparently has not seen use and will display beautifully. 4-54108 JS88 (300-500)



36-STAR AMERICAN FLAG. 5’ x 9’ 36-star flag commemorates the state of Nevada, October 1864. Flag has a 2-1/2" canvas hoist with brass grommets & is made from wool bunting with mixed hand & machine sewing. Cotton stars are hand-sewn and double-appliquéd. CONDITION: This flag saw use and has considerable fraying especially at canton. Flag has been sewn to a backing cloth for easy display; color is good. 4-54109 JS86 (500-1,000)



13-STAR FOLK ART FLAG. 18" x 26" all-hand-sewn cotton flag. Red stripes have small white heart pattern; blue border has geometric decoration; stars are whip stitched. Flag may have been made in the early 20th century for some utilitarian purpose. Backed with white muslin; very unusual decorative item that would frame beautifully. CONDITION: Some minor insect damage and water staining. Color is still bright and bold. 4-54110 JS84 (100-200)