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Part Two: Chasing Tyranny

A New technology. An evil tyrant.
An unexpected move.

How much is one expected to sacrifice in the service of his or her country? That is an elusive question for the Centauries, our intrepid but haggard band of explorers. Terrae Solaris lays ravaged by conflict, and the instability in the Outer Rim threatens the very future of humanity.

An opportunity for survival emerges: a dangerous undertaking calling for the Centauries' unique skills. But the thrown-together mission is fraught with peril
—and politically motivated. Worse, the Centauries must work with the Coverts, a renegade special forces team whose leader seems to have his own agenda for the mission.

Can our explorers carry out their mission? Can they even work together anymore? What secrets from both the Centauries and Coverts' pasts threaten the mission's success—and their lives? And what lurks in Europa's dark history that may undo everything?

“An incredibly thought-out, full-of-suspense, and rolling-with-emotion book. Great action, woven together with deep insights into the hearts and motives of the main characters, kept me reading almost non-stop until the last page.” reader review

“The storyline and depth are really strong, and the ending leaves me waiting for the next book to come out!" — reader review

“With surprises, plot twists, and another nail biting ending, Wagoner is at his best.” —  reader review


Chasing Tyranny is part two of the series: One Small Step out of the Garden of Eden. The series, set five hundred years after the first Apollo moon landing, follows four young adults through their journey to find themselves and their place in the universe. The series is written for adults but has a PG-13 audience and can be enjoyed by ages 15 and up.

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