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ARC stands for What We Do:  Advocacy, Resources and Community opportunities for citizens with developmental disabilities and their families.


March was Developmental Disabilities Month

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our ½ hour Community TV Production.



 We Took THE


Out of Our Corporate Name



I _________________________________, pledge that I will not use the words “r#tard” or “r#etarded” in a derogatory way.  I understand that this is hurtful to people who have intellectual disabilities and people who love them.  I will be careful with my words.  I will also ask others not to use these words.


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ê Support the Self Advocacy Group 

ê Support the Rutland Family Support Network (RFSN)

ê Educate People with Developmental Disabilities about Legislative and Program so they can advocate for their needs

 ê Advocate for needs for People with Developmental Disabilities through the service systems

 ê Advocate for transportation needs





ê We have many brochures from organizations to refer to