Network & Site Administration:

Install all shared applications and data Setup & maintain login accounts & security restrictions Setup shared printers & resources Setup virus scan broadcast & automatic update of definition tables Verify & schedule backups Monitor & troubleshoot remote access connections

Design & Wiring:

Review office layout & performance needs Complete wiring using current industry standards Determine wiring & options for future expansion Setup of wireless access points Stock & sell cables, networking hardware, & test tools direct & offer quantity discounts

Hardware Setup:

Provide network hardware for future growth Deliver & setup complete network Installation of network cards for existing computers Assembly of racks and equipment

Security & License Maintenance:

Restrict access of secure data Implement group access rights for specific software Firewall software/hardware installation if required Software License management

High speed Internet setup:

Provide best solution & complete installation in facility Setup Internet sharing over existing network Install secure firewall if require Setup wireless access points for notebook and PDA access