Secure Windows Logon:

Replacement for the standard Windows logon subsystem requiring the use of a Smart card device and Pin number. The user is authenticated with a digital certificate which is encrypted on the smart card (not on computer). Four wrong sequential attempts locks out Smart Card. Smart Card logon helps computer network managers to improve efficiency, including the reduction of service desk support costs. Authentication on web-applications such as Intranet, Signed e-mail or encrypted e-mail. Once the Smart Card is removed, the computer is locked from use. Administrator can personalize cards and for example issue long, random passwords - user is not required to remember them.

Secure Data: Everything listed above plus:

Hard drive completely encrypted (Data is unreadable even if booting off of a boot disk). Smart Card and Pin number required to access hard drive after Windows boot. Can be used to encrypt certain files, full directories, or entire hard drive.

Secure On-line shopping:

Smart card memory is used to store personal information such as user names, passwords, credit card and other personal information that can be automatically entered on different websites. All data is stored on the smart card and is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. Facilitates logon to Windows, networks, websites, and applications.

Keyless Door Entry:

Smart Card, Magnetic strip card, RF programmable card, or keypad entry systems available. From one door to an entire building including elevators. Available control options can be from a stand alone computer, from any client on the network, or from a secure logon from anywhere in the world using the Internet. Smart Cards, Magnetic Strip, and RF programmable card can be printed as a photo ID badge. System allows you the ability to track who has gone through doors.

Time Clock system:

Smart card, Magnetic strip, and/or finger print technology is utilized for keeping track of employee hours. Employee's use ID badges as a secure time clock to punch in. Data is automatically imported into top accounting packages for safe and accurate payroll.

Video Camera Monitoring:
Stand-alone Video server allows the ability to monitor and record cameras from off-site locations utilizing the Internet. Client software has the ability to view recorded data or live images up to 4 camera views at a time. Supports panning, zooming, and recording functions. Units support 4, 8, 12, or 16 cameras. Video is stored to hard drive. Motion detection triggers are optional and can be used to email video or send a page.