Eastern Shore Tea Co. - Rosemary Hill Farm Tea

Date Rated: September 2003

Ingredients: Blended China and Indian teas and oil of bergamot, with rosemary and lavender.

Tea format: Loose tea in a paper bag.

Where to get it: I acquired this tea from the company catalog, though it is possible to find Eastern Shore Tea Co. teas in random stores along the east coast. (I've seen them near Boston and in Baltimore.) You can order a detailed catalog by calling 1-800-542-6064, or check out their web site.

Recommended Preparation: Steep 2 (not rounded) teaspoons of loose tea for 4 minutes. (10 oz. cup.)

Comments: A very good, smooth, Earl Grey deviation, with rosemary and lavender. I prefer just lavender as opposed to the addition of the rosemary, but it is a nice change. The Eastern Shore Tea Company carries unique and delicious blends of tea, and each 3 oz. package comes with a re-usable cloth bag for steeping. They were also extremely prompt with my order.

Other Great Teas from this Company: Black Raven, Earl Grey, Passionfruit, Pomander, Potpourri