Honest Tea - Earl Grey

Date Rated: January 2004

Ingredients: Organic black tea from Sri Lanka with oil of bergamot.

Tea format: Bags without strings in a paperboard canister.

Where to get it: Honest Tea was kind enough to send this tea to me. You can view their teas on their web site, but will have to order elsewhere. You can also get their teas at Whole Foods supermarkets.

Recommended Preparation: Steep 2 (not rounded) teaspoons of loose tea for 4 minutes. (10 oz. cup)

Comments: Automatic kudos for being Automatic kudos for being organic. Honest Tea also does a lot of work with economically disadvantaged communities. This is a medium-bodied tea with a light amount of bergamot and no astringency. The tea bags have a spiral edge which seperates from the bag. I assume this is for holding onto as you dunk your tea, but I found it to be useless, as it broke off almost immediately.

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