Twinings - Earl Grey

Ingredients: Blended tea and bergamot flavouring.

Tea format: Individually packaged bags with strings. Also comes as loose tea in a canister.

Where to get it: This tea should be available in most large grocery stores, and I am happy to say that Twinings finally has a web site you can order from.

Recommended Preparation: Steep bag for 5 minutes. (10 oz. cup.)

Comments: As the first Earl Grey I ever drank, this is the one I fell in love with, and so it has become my standard. It remains one of my favorite teas. UPDATE: There appears to be a controversy involving a change in the formula Twinings uses for their Earl Grey tea. Some people noticed that it tasted different after the new packaging came out. At the time I became aware of this, I had both teas available to me and tasted them both together. I found no noticeable difference. However, my husband mentioned that the tea tasted different, and he drinks it every day. You can check out the blog Save Twinings Earl Grey if you are so inclined. All of this being said, I admit that I rarely drink this tea anymore.

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