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My rating appears to the right of the tea's name in the listing, and is indicated by a number of green stars.

  Five star teas are a wonderful experience all their own. They are a delight to drink all by themselves.

  Four star teas hold up well on their own, but are missing something (which varies from tea to tea) that keeps them from excelling.

  Three star teas are good enough to enjoy with some tea bread or scones, but don't hold up well on their own.

  Two star teas are not very good. They are passable with food if you have nothing else on hand.

  One star teas are nasty experiences I wouldn't want to repeat. I don't consider them drinkable.

Please feel free to contact me to send a sample of your Earl Grey tea if you are a tea company and:
1) you have an Earl Grey tea you'd like me to add to my listing.
2) you are in my listing, but your product photo shows old packaging.
3) you are in my listing, but you believe I may have reviewed your tea after its expiration date.

I will be happy to update your product photo, or add your tea to my listing. Thank you!