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                     MikeTek Billing Rate and FAQ

               Question: "What are some of the benefits of using MikeTek ?"

             Answer:   "The largest benefit is that MikeTek is an independent contractor, not
                          an employee. You will save money because you do not have to pay:
                       social security, worker's compensation, federal unemployment tax,
                         state unemployment tax, sick time compensation, vacation compen-
                sation, medical insurance, life insurance, pension plan, overtime pay
                         or other employee benefits."

             Question: "What are some other benefits of using MikeTek ?"

  - over 30 years of real world experience in product development
                       and testing
            - very diverse background in analog,digital, and RF technologies
                             - experience in surface mount technology as well as thru-hole technology
                    - will travel to support products in the field
                            - does not charge overtime for hours worked over 8 hrs/day or 40 hrs/wk
                           - available as needed, part time or one week time blocks based on client
                            - no requirement to "create" work, like for regular employees, when
                     business is slow

             Question: "How much does this service cost ?"

   "MikeTek charges by the hour depending on the kind of service provided:

                              PCB/Mechanical Assembly Service rate:        
                              Product Development Service rate:         
                              Testing/Repair Service rate:                       
                              Field Service rate:                                       

             Question: "How does MikeTek bill for travel ?"

   "MikeTek charges travel time as labor time. MikeTek also charges PER
                     DIEM rates on hotel, food, and mileage charges that occur during travel.
PER DIEM mileage rate link for current PER DIEM mileage rates and
                     PER DIEM lodging/food rate link for current PER DIEM lodging/food
                       rates for your area."

             Question: "How often will I get invoiced from MikeTek and when ?"

   "MikeTek invoices two times a month. You will receive an invoice for the
                     previous two weeks of service. MikeTek invoices are normally mailed out
                         on/around the 16th and 31st/1st of the month."

             Question: "When are MikeTek invoice payments due ?"

   "MikeTek invoices are normally due NET 15 days from the date in which the
                                invoice was received."


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