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                               MikeTek  Resume

                        MikeTek-Consulting Technician Service
                      61 Vermont Ave Apt 100, Colchester, VT 05446-3133

             to provide small businesses and consultants with engineering technician services.
             Services include assembly/test/debug/repair of analog/digital/wireless/fiber-optic
             products and systems.

             Jan. 1997 - Present               Consulting Engineering Technician
MikeTek - Hewitt, New Jersey / South Burlington/Milton/Colchester, Vermont
Responsibilities: provide consulting engineering technician services. Services
             include assembly/test/installation of RF based products. Field maintenance/
             installation of radio systems at tunnels in the NY/NJ Metro area, NEXTEL cellular
             site audit, bi-directional amplifier design support,tunable inductor design support,
             field support of GPS/autopilot-based USMC RC airplanes and avionics.
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             Aug. 1995 - Dec.1996                  
Test Engineering Technician
                                                               Paramas, New Jersey
Responsibilities: final assembly/alignment, circuit modification, final test and repair
             of MP2400, MP2500, and MP2600 Multipath Fading Emulators.

             Jan. 1993 - Aug. 1995                
Consulting Engineering Technician
self-employed- Milton, Vermont
Responsibilities: provided product development services to northern Vermont small
             businesses. Services included assembly and testing of prototype electronic systems
             (LORAN/ GPS, RF Power Amp) and mechanical packaging.

             Nov. 1990 - Dec. 1992                    
Senior Engineering Technician
AEROCOMM, Inc.- Germantown, Maryland
Responsibilities: prototyping, testing, debugging, parts procurement, electronic/
             mechanical packaging of MC68HC811 micro-controller products; RF synthesizer
             and related telemetry products (HF thru 2 GHz); Radio controlled servo products
             and systems for USMC EXDRONE remote controlled airplane, testing of avionics
             and autopilots for EXDRONE. Held SECRET security clearance.

             Sept. 1989 - Nov. 1990                        
Senior R.F. Engineering Technician
TELEMET / GEOTEL- Hauppauge, New York
Responsibilities: product development support of telemetry receivers and trans-
             mitters (100 KHz to 1 GHz), R.F. modems, P.A.T.H. PA/Intercom power line carrier
             system development, magnetometer sensor testing, ORCAD schematic capture
             using computers, developed test procedures.

             Mar. 1988 - Sept. 1989                
Senior Communication Service Technician
Responsibilities: service/sales/installation of commercial two-way communications
             equipment, maintenance of: community repeaters and base stations, pagers and
             paging systems, cellular telephones, used IFR 1600/1200S and Wavetek service
             monitors, procurement of parts, service call scheduling, trained and supervised
             service personnel.

             Aug. 1985 - Mar. 1988                        
R.F. Engineering Technician
Responsibilities: performed VSWR, isolation, and return loss measurements (DC to
    26.5 GHz) using HP 8510A and Wiltron network analyzers, final acceptance testing
    of precision microwave coaxial relays and cable assemblies, wrote test procedures,
   trained and supervised test personnel, Self Powered Vehicle Detector product
              development, telemetry transmitter and receiver alignment.


             March 2005                International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians
                                                        Fort Worth, Texas
                                                Earned Communcations Journeymen CET certification
ISCET Journeymen Certified Electronics Technician

             November 2002            International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians
                                                        Fort Worth, Texas
                                                Earned Associate CET certification
ISCET Associate Certified Electronics Technician

             April/May 2001                      
National Radio Examiners, Inc.
                                                        Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
                                                Earned General Radiotelephone Operator License
FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License

             Nov. 2000                            
National Technology Transfer, Inc.
                                                        Newark, New Jersey
                                                Earned 2.1 Continuing Education Units for 21 hours
                                                of fiber optics training.
FOA Certified Fiber Optic Technician

             Jan. 1992 - Dec. 1992            
Montgomery Community College
                                                        Rockville, Maryland
                                                Earned 12 Credit hours towards Associates degree
                                                in Electrical Engineering Technology

             Sept. 1981 - Jun. 1985            
Milton High School
                                                        Milton, Vermont
                                                ranked 8th in a class of 125,
                                                college prep. diploma,
                                                National Honor Society


  Born:      July 11, 1967
                               Marital Status:      Single
                                            Health:      living with Multiple Sclerosis
                                        Interests:      electronic projects, robotics, PIC microcontrollers,
   computers, fishing, canoeing
   FCC licensed amateur radio operator
                                                               Extra Class License          Callsign - N1FBZ

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