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H Swanson Gallery and Studio  -  Paintings  -  Original Artwork



Artist Harry Swanson creates fine art paintings on a wide variety of subject matter. This original artwork mostly consists of seascapes, landscapes, and outer space universe paintings which are in part presented here. The virtual painting gallery is only a sampling of about 50 paintings available as the entire collection exceeds 200 pieces of art, which is continuously growing. If you would like to see more paintings added to the virtual paintings gallery please contact and let us know.


You may browse and view paintings by choosing the subjects located on the left in the sidebar on any of these web pages. Each subject page contains the painting image, title, price and related information. For example:



 “Hill Pond”


20 x 30 in. (51 x 76 cm)

Watercolor on Paper

$ 800 USD                                  Purchase

Item PT27




Click on the image to make the painting larger in size. Use the back button on your browser to return from the larger size back to the subject page.


Note: The large images may show the gallery stamp on the right side. This stamp is not on the original painting that you purchase.

Example of gallery stamp ->

Choose a subject to begin your tour. Enjoy !






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To start your tour with Seascape of the virtual paintings gallery please click here.


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H Swanson Gallery and Studio

7109 Westview Boulevard

Fairview, Tennessee USA

+1 (615) 266 2176

Timezone UTC -5:00


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