Welcome to my site, a showcase of art from my career as a comic book artist from the 1970s through the 1990s and beyond. In addition to pencilling stories for Marvel and DC I also worked as a writer, cover designer and editor. The name might not ring a bell but if you are familiar with comics from that era you have undoubtedly seen my work, since I designed a huge number of covers for myself and other artists.

Left:Spectacular Spider-Man #64 (1981), introducing Cloak & Dagger

Right: my sketch for
Batman #314.The actual cover was drawn by Don Newton from this rough.

The heart of this site will be the Sketches and Covers section.Not only will I be presenting covers, but interior art, pieces I knocked out for the merchandising departments, character designs and presentation pieces and more offbeat stuff than you can shake a stick at. Art both new and old will be added often, as well as background and "making of" info.
NEW!!! This is the cover to Captain Action #3, by Moonstone Books. Chris Rooks and I have done a few covers for Moonstone, including Captian Action and Buckaroo Banzai.
This is the first paying professional comics work I have done in years and Chris's very first professional work.

Moonstone is also re-publishing my three book SKULL & BONES series as a trade paperback Graphic novel. A tale of Cold War intrigue set entirely in the Gorbachev era Soviet Union.

This is a mockup of the cover. Digital painting by Ron Leary.

If you are interested in buying some of my artwork, visit Spider & Bat. These are the first wave of original art pieces being offered.Check out the new Spidey vs Doc Ock piece! It's based on the cover to Spectacular Spider-Man #72.

Riddle Me This! is based on the cover to Batman #362. These adaptations are pencilled by Ed Hannigan and inked by Chris Rooks.

Many more pieces are showcased on the site, which is updated frequently.

Below is a commissioned Spidey vs Thing piece I did for Brian Sagar of Vancouver. My pencils on the left and inks and wash by longtime pro Bob McCleod. Larger versions can be found on Brian's web page.

And for some offbeat fun check out the Chris Rooks Appreciation Page!

When the mood strikes I'll climb on my soapbox and wax eloquent, or at least rant a little. And for Photoshop fanatics a new area is on the way that will feature actions, tutorials and goodies.You don't want to miss anything so come back often.

I'm going to put the entire Skull& Bones graphic novel here when I can get to it (and find server space). Meanwhile click on Skull & Bones above to see the KGB Anti-Ed site.