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Tending Toward Tea
Stash Tea Company - Double Bergamot Earl Grey

Date Rated: March 2004

Ingredients: Premium black teas with oil of bergamot.

Tea format: Individually packaged and sealed bags with strings.

Where to get it: You can sometimes find this tea at Star Market (a large grocery store we have in New England), and it may be carried in other major grocery stores. It is also available through the Stash Tea Company catalog (Call 1-800-800-TEAS.), and is orderable on their web page.

Comments: A light-bodied tea with no astringency and a good amount of bergamot.

Other Great Teas from this Company: Christmas Morning, Earl Green, Exotica Champagne Oolong, Exotica China White, Exotica Jasmine, Exotica Osmanthus