My introduction to "having tea" was in high school at a restaurant called Bertha's in Fell's Point, MD. I'm not sure when it became the cool thing to do to rush off for tea with my friends, but I would relish the opportunity to get at those scones, while friend Kate ate the cream out of the serving bowl with her spoon. It turned into a magical eating experience and still is. It's the kind of thing I love showing off to people who are unfamiliar with its charms, like taking aside a friend when you were young and showing her a truly amazing toy, or a dappled spot in the woods.

My tea experiences outside of Bertha's were limited. When I visited Boston (before I moved here) I had tea at the Ritz and was dumbfounded at the twice-the-price-of-Bertha's meal that I didn't enjoy quite as much. Since moving here and discovering how many places there are to have tea, I'm always excited to travel to a new location and indulge in a different interpretation of "taking tea." I hope to eventually be able to go to all of the places listed here, but it keeps my spirit warm just knowing that they're out there.

Click on the teapot for more information about an establishment. Those with a green star next to their names have a more detailed listing. If you know of a place that you think should be on this list, or if you own an already-listed establishment and would like a more detailed listing, feel free to e-mail me.

Interested in where to have tea in other areas? Check out these handy resources:
Exceptional Tea Rooms in America

Arugula Café & Tea Room (West Hartford, CT)
Chaiwalla (Salisbury, CT)
Olde English Tea Room (Scotland, CT)
The Tea Cozy (Windsor, CT)

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Boston Harbor Hotel (Boston, MA)
The Colonial Inn (Concord, MA)
The Dunbar Tea Shop (Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA)
Four Seasons Hotel (Boston, MA)
Kaji Aso Japanese Tea House (Boston, MA)
Ritz-Carlton (Boston, MA)
The Tea Shoppe (Mashpee, Cape Cod, MA)
Wenham Tea House (Wenham, MA)

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Antiquiteas (Salem, NH)

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The Here & Now Tea Room (Tiverton, RI)

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