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Tending Toward Tea
Gloria Jean's - Earl Grey

Date Rated: December 2001

Ingredients: Fine imported black tea with natural and artificial bergamot flavoring.

Tea format: Loose tea in a cellophane bag. (You'll need to find something to store it in.)

Where to get it: Gloria Jean's is a chain which is commonly found in malls. They are more known for their coffee. You can check out their web site, but they don't sell their products there (and don't even mention their teas!). You can, however, look up the location of the store nearest you.

Recommended Preparation: Steep 2 (not rounded) teaspoons of loose tea for 3 minutes. (Mug-sized cup.)

Comments: A very nice, smooth Earl Grey with no astringency. However, there is no reason at all to use artificial flavoring in tea!