The Metropolitan Tea Company Ltd. - Crème de la Earl Grey

Date Rated: January 2002

Ingredients: None given.

Tea format: Loose tea. Also tea bags.

Where to get it: The Metropolitan Tea Company was kind enough to send this tea to me. Since they are a wholesale tea supplier, you can learn about them at their web site, but you'll have to order at Victoria Gallery and Teas.

Recommended Preparation: Steep 2 (not rounded) teaspoons of loose tea for 3 minutes. (Mug-sized cup.)

Comments: A nice smooth tea. The vanilla stands out above the bergamot, which is too light for my tastes. Try this one with dessert.

Other Great Teas from this Company: Baroness Grey, Decaffeinated Earl Grey, Earl Grey, Organic Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey, Versailles Lavender Earl Grey