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Tending Toward Tea
Upton Tea Imports - Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey

Date Rated: September 2001

Ingredients: None given.

Tea format: Loose tea in a resealable plastic bag.

Where to get it: I purchased this tea through Upton at 1-800-234-8327. You can also order from their web site here.

Recommended Preparation: Steep 2 (not rounded) teaspoons of loose tea for 3 minutes. (Mug-sized cup.)

Comments: Using 2 tsp. of this tea yields a strong, spunky Earl Grey. 1 tsp. will give you a very nice, light Earl Grey. I enjoyed ordering from Upton because they offer samples of all of their 300+ teas for minimal amounts of money (usually $1 for about 4 cups' worth). They put personalized labels on each bag of tea which include your name and the date the tea was packed for you. Pretty swank!

Other Great Teas from this Company: Finest Earl Grey, Maracuja, Mellow Spice Blend, Osmanthus, Tie-Guan-Yin Oolong First Grade