Frank J. Heller, MPA
* EDUCATION: Penn State U., electronics Engineering/Liberal Arts; George Washington University National School of Law; American University Graduate school of Public Affairs; Cornerstones building school; numerous advanced courses in social, organizational, and behavioral sciences; Advanced computer technology from APPLE,IBM, NOVELL and other computer companies; certificate in solar thermal installation awarded Dec. 2008 by Maine Public Utilities Commission; 'hands-on' solar PV installation sponsored by Portland's PERMACULTURE group, 
* EXPERIENCE:  Decade in Washington, D.C. as a project director of nationally significant evaluation studies(drug abuse, alcoholism, etc.) and environmental/education public policy analyst; Operations director for the largest Headstart Program in the US; ; Maine Entrepreneur 30 years:
  • Founded and ran Maine's first whole grain bakery (THE BAKERY PROJECT--sold in 1983) in Brunswick; 
  • Founded and ran one of Maine's first specialized computer businesses automating physician's offices, hospitals, and property managers( POPPADATA--sold in 1995) and;
  • Started one of America's first distance learning technology firm (GLOBAL VILLAGE LEARNING).
* Philosophy: "Always accept product returns and analyze why it was returned; and vow to make it better so the customer becomes a referral source.......Small is beautiful!."
Primary focus: Alternative energy production from Maine's renewable energy resources in a sustainable manner.
* Hobbies: Organic gardening, public policy analysis, wilderness camping and hiking; traveling to interesting places; baking--finally, it's a hobby!
* Publications and Presentations:  easier to GOOGLE me than to list them. Most of the presentations over the past decade have been done in PowerPoint and run as modifiable multi-media slide shows. 

Frank is the founder of K.E.W.  and a 30 year resident of Brunswick, Maine.